Ogidi Women: Masterclass with the Masters of Craft

Ogidi Women: Masterclass with the Masters of Craft Masterclass: Saturday, 9th November 2019

When it comes to cloth-making, nothing rivals the intricacies involved in the weaving of the Aso-Oke. Centuries-old and a treasured Yoruba heritage, the making of the Aso-Oke is one of Africa’s proudest fashion traditions. Today, one of the most prominent custodians of the Asa-Oke tradition are the Ogidi Women.

The Ogidi Women are one of the creative forces behind the evolution of Aso-Oke from linear designs to more vibrant and colorful styles. For years, The Ogidi Women have honed their expertise in weaving Aso-oke and have developed an unrivaled style and technique in the fabric’s designs, motifs and painting, which has been exported all over the world.

On Saturday, November 9th 2019, The Ogidi Women will be at the GTBank Fashion Weekend to make a live presentation on the Art and Craft of Weaving the Aso-Oke.

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