Rebecca Osei-Badoo on becoming a successful fashion buyer

Remember sometime in 2014 when people queued up 24 hours early right in front of the Browns focus store in London eagerly waiting for Drake to debut his first OVO collection which completely sold out? Yes, Rebecca did that. Lest we forget to mention that Brown’s ultra-hip lab boutique “Focus” which became the hub for some of fashion’s freshest talents like Filles à Papa, A.W.A.K.E, Simone Rocha and more, was Rebecca’s brainchild- It’s no wonder the long recognized London-based womenswear buyer remains a force to reckon with in the world of fashion retail.

It goes without saying that it’s her cool girl flair and ultra-hip sense of business that caught the attention of Russian retail giants, TSUM, in which Rebecca has been head buyer for a year now and counting. At the GTBank fashion weekend 2017,Rebecca spoke extensively on “How to successfully get your clothes in the right stores around the world” and we have deduced the key points which are guarantees for success for up and coming or aspiring fashion buyers ;

  • Passion First: Rebecca pointed out that to succeed as a fashion buyer, one has to be into fashion. In her words, “You have to have a passion for it to begin with, you have to know the industry.
  • Be Aware: according to Rebecca, aspiring fashion buyers need to stay updated on current happenings, popular culture, exhibitions, etc., because in the end, fashion is an accumulation of everything so, one has to know a bit of everything which will help have something new to always bring to customers.
  • Work Your Way Up: Rebecca referenced herself who started out at an admin position which she referred to as a proper entry level position, the Ghana native advised that it is always better for one to start from the bottom and work his/her way up as the on-the-job experiences will give one a better insight into the retail industry.
  • Form Partnerships: “It is always good to establish a working relationship and  partnerships with designers, brands” said Rebecca.
  • The Customer Comes First: For aspiring fashion buyers, learning to distinguish between personal taste and that of the customer is very key.
  • Know Your Market: “it is important to know what your customer likes to do, how he/she likes to go on holidays, what he/she does in his/her spare time, how much money he/she is willing to spend”, Rebecca advised.