Fashion in the Digital age according to Shiona Turini

There are people who follow and there are those who lead, and Bermuda-born stylist, Shiona Turini is a leader in her own right. Rather than doing a job that fits into a cookie-cutter description, Shiona successfully created a dream fashion career and hasn’t looked back ever since. Stylist and image consultant to fashion household names like Dior and Salvatorre Ferragamo as well as A-list stars like Solange and Beyonce Knowles (we all have Shiona to thank for all that couture goodness in both Beyonce’s “Formation” video and select visuals from Solange’s much raved-about “A Seat At The Table”).

Shiona has also successfully solidified herself as an expert for all things fashion publishing and branding. Dishing on “Fashion In The Digital Age”, Shiona doled out very important advice at the GTBank fashion weekend masterclass for those looking to break into the industry with no specific role in mind.

Internship is Key

In the exact words of Miss Turini. However cliché internships may sound, Shiona maintained that they will help one define the specific role they want to take up, refine one’s strategy and will also help give one more insight into how the industry works.

Create Your Own Opportunities

There are perks that come with being in the digital age and a major one is being able to create your own opportunities said Shiona. With tools like instagram, one is definitely able to show his/her point view and aesthetics.

Be Social Media-Organic

According to instafamous Shiona, Instagram is both a blessing and a curse as while it is an avenue for people to show their art, people have also become caught up with titles as everyone wants to be a creative director etc. However, Shiona advised to be organic with content.

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