Breaking Into The Fashion Industry
Breaking Into The Fashion Industry

Breaking into the Fashion Industry

Ignoring the bitchiness, the stress, volatility, the heaps and heaps of competition, the fashion industry remains one we all lust over. Perhaps it’s all the glitz and glam that comes with the territory.

While it may seem slightly unattainable at first, there’s really nothing stopping you from breaking into it, however, there’s always that first nagging question of how to get started. In truth, finding your footing in fashion or any ideal career path of your choice is not the easiest thing to do and more importantly, there isn’t always one clear-cut route, especially if you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the highly competitive industry of fashion.  Whether you want to become a stylist, model, designer, journalist or PR mogul there are a few common denominators, most of which have led to the success of your most-loved fashion industry influencers. Although it may seem a whole world away, there’s nothing stopping you from breaking into it. Here’s a guide that will help.


Getting an internship in the fashion industry is very crucial as it will give you an insight into that world just before your the fashion career of your choice takes off properly. Yes, internships have a bad reputation generally but don’t grow weary, just endeavour to create some valuable contacts and make the most of your time at the company- you’ll be glad you did.


You don’t have to break the bank on a website, there are less expensive ways to put together your portfolio online like a blog, a tumblr and in more recent times, instagram, which has become a reference for works of creatives in fashion. The great thing about having an online visual reference is that potential employers can have easy access to your work which will help give them a sense of your style of work as well as determine if you’re the right fit.


The fashion industry in itself is a clique which means that it’s all about who you know. So, go out, explore fashion events, connect with industry insiders, exchange contacts, build relationships with these people you never know who can help you down along your career path. Remember, it takes just one contact to help you land you that dream job, so get to connecting.


Whether you’re an aspiring to be a stylist, designer, buyer, editor, acquiring some knowledge in fashion retail is extremely important. Retail work gives you a look into how a fashion business is run and how the logistics of a company work. In retail, you’ll also have the opportunity to fine-tune your people skills, which will also help prepare you for when you start your own brand.


On starting out, you’re most likely to dabble into a bit of everything but that’s not a bad thing, trying different roles out will help know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. So, feel free to take your time in figuring out what you are good at and stick with it as narrowing down your specialty will help define your goals and dreams when it comes to trying to land

that dream job and it will make you that much more appealing to future employers.

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