Pros guide
Pros guide

A Pro’s Guide To The GTBank Fashion Weekend

If the 30,000 people that showed up to last year’s fashion weekend over the course of 2 days didn’t scare you – nothing ever will. It was every shopaholic’s dream with over 90 stalls to shop from, a constant stream of masterclasses and Runway shows to end the day. But whether you’re a fashion weekend OG or a first timer, the frenzy of shoppers and fashion enthusiasts can get a little overwhelming.

Here are a few tips and tricks for navigating fashion weekend like a true pro. You’re welcome.

  1. Sort Your Schedules: All good things come to those who prepare. Know which designers will be showcasing, the brands you’d like to shop, collections you’ve been dying to see, what shows you’re interested in and their time slots.
  1.  Early Does It: Always remember, early birds get the nicest things and secure the best seats, punctuality is key.
  1. Stay Picture Perfect: Dress and act the part, it’s all lights and cameras. If you intend on navigating through the retail chaos and attending the runway showcases as well, be sure to bring a spare outfit, stay on fleek and know when to strike a pose. You don’t want to end up on the internet looking dreary. Remember, the internet is forever.
  1. Charge Up: Keep your devices powered up, it’s the fashion event of the year. From narcissistic selfies to silly snapchat vids, plus a couple of boomerangs, it’s all about letting the world know you’re in attendance, lol.
  1. Connect. Connect. Connect: Networking is the crux of every fashion event. It’s all about who you are and what you do. Be confident when you walk into the room, walk up to people, introduce yourself. Mingle, play yourself up but without being cocky. Be yourself and act like you belong.
  1. Never forget the F-Row Etiquette: If you find yourself in the front row, act with elegance. Remember, you’re seated in the most coveted space at the fashion weekend, sit up straight and keep your legs crossed. There is  nothing worse than getting photographed at a less than pleasant angle. Act like you do FROW for a living.
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