30 Times Lisa Folawiyo’s Style Gave Us The Chills

There’s lots of stylish celebrities, sure. You’ll find those whose every style move is carefully thought out by an image consultant and there’s the rare minority who are authentically self-styled.

Lisa Folawiyo rules that minority, because, let’s be honest, no one rocks a puffer jacket like Folawiyo does.

It’s the quirky just-before-I-hit-the-elevator and store mirror selfies, it’s her street savvy albeit “boojee”steez, her effortlessly brilliant mixing and matching of designers frocks, it’s the confidence she oozes in these outfits, it’s the versatility of her style- all these and more are reasons why we think Lisa Folawiyo is THE fashion IT girl. While some would prefer to refer to Folawiyo as a fashion designer, we see Lisa Folawiyo more as a fashion engineer, constantly constructing distinct looks with her designer pieces. Having made Instagram her stage, the fashion designer extraordinaire and creative lead behind the eponymous brand, Lisa Folawiyo, has brought a lot of stylish goodness to our timelines this year.

We revisit 30 of Lisa’s most fashionable moments this year, best believe they’ll give you the chills as they did us.

Active Lisa

First off, when in selfridges, you take selfies. What better than a Vetements x Champion tracksuit paired with a puffer jacket and kitten heeled booties to take the perfect selfie? You can’t out-do Lisa’s activewear game.

Making Fuchsia Pink & London-Bus Red Work

For those who still wonder if the once-taboo pink and red trend actually works, IT DOES. Trust Lisa to turn a fashion No into a Yes.

Robes & Fur

To be brave means to ignore the freezing London weather by stepping out in a sheer blouse, frayed jeans, robe and furry pumps. Lisa, the bravest of them all.


Between the before I hit the elevator selfie pose, that gorgeous asymmetrical blue skirt, the frayed orange blouse, the elephant-shaped sling-on, we’re nuts about this look. Now this is what laid-back chic looks like.

Slipping It On

Just incase you thought the Jenner sisters were the only ones to look to for inspiration on how to style a slip dress, think again.

Artfully Disheveled

Looking a stylish hot mess in that Faith Connexion skirt, white tees and stella McCartney mules, it can only be Lisa.

Featuring The J Label

Only Lisa can make a pink floor length Kimono by the J Label look ethereal.

Here’s to Asymmetry, Semi-Peplums and Acid Wash

This ought to have been a simple look- asymmetrical peplum blouse and acid wash jeans, nothing extraordinary to see here, but you already know, if its Lisa wearing it, then it’s beyond extraordinary.

Gliding Through 

Enough with the vetements wears, this time, our eyes are fixated on those uneven helm frayed jeans and the Burberry mid-calf knitted boots with sculpted heels. All together, A LOOK.

Cool Girls Wear Buckle Anklets

If you ever feel like putting together a casual look but need something to add some oomph, try a buckle anklet, use just one for the Lisa Effect.

Stirrups, anyone?

Talk about reliving the 80’s in the now. A blue and white stripped shirt featuring black stirrup pants with canary yellow Balenciaga pumps did the trick.

Blush, Blush 

There’s a somewhat softer side to Lisa in this Blush pink shirt and coat paired with black jeans and champagne gold Balenciaga pumps.

Runway To Sidewalk

Straight off the runway, head to toe, clad in Balenciaga ss17 (fuchsia pink gown and purple knife over the knee boots) paired with a Gabriella Hearst Nina bag, Lisa schooled us on how you mix and match neons. That’s not all, we also learnt that luxury looks good on the sidewalks too. Only if you can pull it off.

Slouchy Style 

Next time we want to style our sweatshirts, let’s think skirts and booties. Thank you Lisa.

Cold Shouldered 

We’ll be honest, androgyny looks great on Lisa. No one could have done better justice to that Monse Cold-shoulder striped silk-satin shirt. Those pants, no words.

High-Lows & Pleats 

What’s not too love about this melange of ice cream shades? We had a wow moment on seeing this high-low pleated skirt. Yes to jelly neon bags too.

Demure Exposure

While thigh-high slits, back baring designs and plunging necklines are a surefire way to do sexy, we’d much rather Lisa’s Peek-A-Boo style. Shoulders- check, toned thighs and pins-check.


Here’s a new way to style those “boring” pair of jeans ladies. A monochrome wrap shirt, leather jacket and a pair of classic pointed toe pumps.


It all came together…perfectly. The blue and white plaid mixed media coat by Jacquemus, pink velvet pants, rainbow tees, the trainers, the attitude. Just perfect.

A Sunny Side 

Only Lisa would think to cinch this yellow plissé silk crepe de chine midi dress by Tibi in the waist with a blush pink coset belt and red booties, only Lisa.

Feathery Fashion

Again with the blush pink. This time with metallics, more feathers and a rainbow clutch. Lisa worked this look.

Stunner, Stunner

One would think only Lady Gaga could pull off the shoulder pad trend but no, Lisa can too. All black with a touch of red, Lisa’s a stunner.

When In London, Ooze Sophistication

Checkered blazers, silky print blouse and scarf, boyfriend pants, pointy pumps and a Gabriella Hearst bag, way to keep it classy Lisa.


Zippers & Sparkles 

We love the black blazer and red sunnies but we love front zipper skirt and sparkly booties even more.

Keeping It Cazh

This look is the true example of keeping it casual in style.

Cone Queen 

While you drool over that gorgeous print shirt, we’ll be over here drooling over these white cone heeled sling-backs and that Gabriella Hearst bag- again.

Igbo Kwenu

Here’s Lisa Folawiyo in Lisa Folawiyo SS18 (Igbo Kwenu). Who better to wear LF than LF herself?

Alternative Cool Girl

We’re not sure which we’re obsessed with- the maison margiela casual pants D Fused jean-trousers or the plastic-layered wool double-breasted coat by Calvin Klein. Be kind to us Lisa.

In The Isi-Agu

That’s the sort of pose you give when you know you look stylish in the “Isi Agu” pattern. We’re completely speechless as to how Lisa paired those Isi Agu culottes with that white bouse and lime green Balenciaga pumps.

Miss Vogue

Not your average blondie in that Mira Mikati coat, flared jean pants and red booties.

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